Harry H. Wedekind 

Preferred Name: Harry

Early in the 20th century, a spiritual revival arose in the Netherlands, inspired by the great spiritual revival movement in Wales. Yet there was little aftercare by the Dutch churches. Christian Endeavor provided an obvious way to strengthen the growing faith of the young converts. That is why two ministers, Rev. AJ Roozemeyer, reformed pastor from Sluis and Rev. NA de Gaay Fortman, Reformed pastor in Amsterdam (grandfather of the later minister WF de Gaay Fortman), wrote letters to others worldwide. pastors, requesting that they join in the pursuit of active Christianity.

Later that year, these pastors, along with three other pastors, invited Francis Clark to present Christian Endeavor at a public meeting in Amsterdam. After Clark's speech, the representative of the YMCA, supported by a large number of followers, started a rant against Clark, claiming that there was no need for CE, and that CE would be harmful to the young men. And young women did not need spiritual training, sewing was good enough for them. This opposition, which lasted a few decades, ensured that CE remained small in the Netherlands.

But a visitor to the meeting with Clark who was not discouraged, Mr. Tielrooy, started CE work in Den Helder two years later. The local union was officially formed in 1911, after a visit from Clark and with his moral support. The national alliance was formed ten years later.